Ann Walker
3310 Martinez Street
San Diego, CA 92106

Arbor Lights
Original Watercolor 15" x 11" NFS
Giclee Prints Available @ $75

About the Artist
Ann Walker is a northern California native, raised in San Francisco.  Her art education includes a BFA degree from San Jose State University.  She also studied art at the University of Arizona, Tucson; Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton; Academy of Art College, San Francisco; and Les Bassacs in Provence.  Ann's professional experience has included 22 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she progressed from graphic designer, art coordinator to art director.  Last year, she and her husband, Jess, moved to Point Loma in San Diego. 

Watercolor  and watermedia have long been a challenge for Ann because of the chemistry of watercolor paint and the spontaneity of these pigments reacting on watercolor paper.  Her background in color and design as a graphic designer enabled her to combine those skills with her passion to paint.  She finds painting in the San Diego area particularly fun and exciting.  "It is inspiring for me to live in an area where I can paint outdoors most of the year.  It allows me to relate to color and light in relationship to many new and fascinating shapes around me.  Color, especially, is incredibly more vivid in this part of the state."
La Tryst
Original Watercolor 28" x 18"  $700
Giclee Prints Available @ $150


San Diego Watercolor Society

San Diego Art Institute

California Watercolor Association

Anthenaeum, La Jolla



Morning Calm
Original Watercolor 22" x 22"  $700
Giclee Prints Available @ $150

Recent Honors & Exhibitions

Adams Avenue Grill
     March 1999 and November 1999

San Diego Watercolor Society
     November Members Show 1999

San Diego Watercolor Society
     November Members Show, 1998  2nd Place

Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society
     Palo Alto Medical Facility, 1998

California Watercolor Association
     Summer 1997

Madera County Arts Council
    Celebrate the Arts 1997   1st Place

San Francisco Academy of Art
     Spring Show 1997, recognition

Trash Landing
Original Watercolor 26" x 32"  $550
Giclee Prints Available @ $150