California Watercolor Association

53rd National Exhibition

We are very pleased to present our National Exhibition to you on this gallery.

Gary Tucker, our juror of selection, chose the 84 paintings presented here and Uma Kelkar, our juror of awards, chose the following 18 paintings for the awards listed. Each of them was kind enough to provide us with their thoughts about why they chose the awarded paintings. We hope that you will enjoy the work presented here as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you. The exhibition is also being presented at the Harrington Gallery in Pleasanton, CA until March 18th. We will have a reception on March 4th from one to three pm.

Charles RouseWaiting in Chichicastenango


Gold Award

Charles loves light and we feel it physically in this masterwork. Shimmering on the weathered stone and falling across the rumpled clothing…The gravity in this painting – immersed in shadow, the boys bowed head  – It has captured my heart. ~ Gary Tucker

How could one walk away from this scene? The onlooker needs to know what the pout is for, if the kid is in trouble or needs help. My heart ached when I saw this piece – the harsh light depicted so masterfully adding to the severity of my interpretation. I enjoy simplicity and wrestled to give a painting with the highest ‘slow cook’ techniques the top award. What the artist conveyed was simplicity of topic…so everyday, yet so connecting…despite complex technique.
~ Uma Kelkar
Steve WaltersOaxaca Marketplace 86

Silver Award

The thought behind this painting – towards composition and color – has me returning to look again and again. Ease with figures and patterns makes it easy to enjoy and savor the well balanced color. ~ Gary Tucker

This artist can clearly draw and knows how to patiently work with many colors. The point where the artist stops adding strokes so the rest of the story can be filled in by the onlooker is a sign of trust in the viewer and I value that.
~ Uma Kelkar

Ng Woon LamWeekend Companions


Bronze Award

This watercolor has a freshness that every watercolorist strives for – it’s as though we are seeing the painting as its drying. Each touch confident and well considered. It leaves me exhaling in wonder. ~ Gary Tucker

There are two sets of marks here, verticals for the heads and horizontals for the clothing stripes. Collectively, each set is harmonious in itself. For showing the vitality of painting via overlapping cleverly planned sets, this painting gets an award. ~ Uma Kelkar

Pat MoseukRising Oceans


David Nathan Memorial Award
Cheap Joe’s Award

This artist knows design and uses their chops effortlessly. In the effortlessness, there’s confidence and elegance. ~ Uma Kelkar
Dongfeng LiMy Veteran Day Award


CWA Signature Members Award 1

Color harmony, size, drawing, material usage collectively make this a strong piece. Painting at this scale with only one main stage actor means the artist chooses to concentrate their risk-reward aspect in one area. That boldness is attractive to me. ~ Uma Kelkar
Radhika BawaRaigad in rains


CWA Signature Members Award 2

Landscapes have the hardest time winning at competitions because they are ubiquitous. Therefore, they don’t need to speak loudly and need to lead by mystery. This artist aligns with my thought process while maintaining color harmony and wins this award. ~ Uma Kelkar
Chris KrupinskiFeeling left out


Speedball Art Products Award
Legion Paper Co. Award
Mijello Co. Ltd Award

Superb drawing, superb harmony and superb design makes this a deserving piece. ~ Uma Kelkar
Liz WalkerThe Waiting Room


Past Presidents Award
Golden Artist Colors, Inc. Award

Inserting enquiry into paintings is the hardest job according to me. The artists uses patterns and harnesses accepted mixed media to make a harmonious piece. ~ Uma Kelkar
Jeff IshikawaLa Jolla Morning


Flax Award (Local)

The viewing angle, the energy in the wave that’s just crashed and restraining the color gamut makes this painting a winner. The secondary waves almost seem to move. This artist has ample drawing chops. ~ Uma Kelkar
R. Mike NicholsSelf Portrait With Quorra


Artistic Journey Award
M. Graham Award

On top of meeting the mark of drawing, harmony, design, this artist adds a whimsical twist which is engaging. ~ Uma Kelkar
Kathy ByrneJewels of the Garden


Jade Fon Award
Watercolor West Reciprocal Award
Art Supply Warehouse Award

Staying true to the everyday life most of us have and celebrating the everyday drops of beauty rings authentic to me as a projected image of the artist themselves. ~ Uma Kelkar
Sean BarrettSupport Group


Dick Cole Memorial Award
Mijello Co. Ltd Award

This artist with a deft drawing hand takes to this complicated scene and then expertly simplifies it and thus earns this award. ~ Uma Kelkar
Wesley Dallas MerrittHere Comes the Sun


Arnold Grossman Memorial Award
Mijello Co. Ltd Award

The color application on the body and on the far background which is out of focus in a scene that’s edgy wins this painting an award. ~ Uma Kelkar
Ronnie RectorLa Danse


University Art Award
DeYoung Museum Award

This piece has a strong design. Making the shaded parts of the painting as interesting as the parts that have been washed out by the sunlight required thought and skilled handling. ~ Uma Kelkar

Jackie DorseyThe Devil Went Down to Georgia


Norbert Volk Award
Armadillo Art Award
Mijello Co. Ltd Award

Clearly, the violinist is playing up a storm – the artist captures the focused player’s inner state via the background which is also well designed and their drawing skills wins them this award. ~ Uma Kelkar
Michael FriedlandOakland Afternoon Light


Dan Curry Memorial Award
Mijello Co. Ltd Award

Street scenes with perspective challenges need strong drawing skills. The slight warm to cool transition of the painting from left to right also showcased the thought that was put into it. ~ Uma Kelkar
Linda ErfleCarmel Bay Hardscape


Mary Spivey Award for Excellence in Landscape Painting

The artist plays complimentary colors green-pink in a refined way. She also shows her keen observation through color variation on the shaded water and the texturing on the rocks. ~ Uma Kelkar
Ed LabadieCarmen


FASO Award

The artist chose to showcase a normal bodied figure dead center, joyful in her camouflage top. Bold color choices that compliment the bold choice of design makes this piece a winner. ~ Uma Kelkar

Congratulations to the 18 award winning paintings. And now, please enjoy these following 66 paintings that were selected from many that were submitted for this year’s National Exhibition.

Inquiries about purchasing a painting can be sent to:

Najeeb AbdulrahimanAs the sun goes down in Salzburg


Gloria BakerThe Devoted


Ronald BeanStanislaus Stump


Francesca BraytonApril Blooms


Suvagata ChatterjeeOld Calcutta 2


Keming ChenLocomotive Damaged in Korean War


Leslie Cheney-ParrCoastal Folds


Joan ChlarsonFor Me


Linda CloonanCottage Sunroom


Robert DavidsonA Joyful Noise


Kathryn DegliantoniMile Rock Beach


Toni ElkinsHook Line and Sinker


Margaret FagoWomen of the Nahuat Work With Wool


Patrick FanningEquestrian


Patricia FlynnSlightly Jaded 2


Qian GaoTown View England


Antoaneta GeorgievaNew England


Elizabeth GrantCotton Candy Ridge


Douglas GreerSpring Fawn


Veronica GrossFall in the Foothills


Theodore HeubleinFront Porch Hibiscus 25


Michael HolterChevy Truck


Gaoshan HUThe leaves fall In the autumn
Sandra HumphriesMountain Wildflowers No.3


Carol IrwinEl Capitan Climbers


Glen JarvisBozeman grain elevator


Sue JohnstonLisbon Lunch


Elizabeth JohnstonNight and Day


Helen JonesCatnap III


Rekha JoshiThe Barn


Barbara KempeShopping in San Miguel de Allende


Raffi KondyThe Ramp SF


Jo KoppWater Gatherers


Karen KramerBird Song


Lynne KrollA New Dawn


Tiangong LiuRolling Hills


Carolyn LordSonoma Benches in the Shade
Lisbeth MacDonaldFarming town CA


Sue MatthewsThrough the Fence


Phillip McDonelWicked Slush


Samantha McNallyAloe


Meghana MitragotriSnow Canyon Southern Utah
Craig MolineCascade Cliffs


Kate PeperSisters
Trish PoupardLush


Robin PurcellPainted Mountain


Michael ReardonDorsoduro Morning


Susan RoutledgeTurning For Home.


Gloria SampsonPotting Day Self Portrait


Thomas W. SchallerRed Barn Ohio
Jane SneedBalboa Street Art Walk


Susy SouliesLove Letters


Jayne SpencerLazy K Ranch


Allison SpreadboroughOn the Beach


Carol StairAnother Path


Debora StrandCalifornia Girl


Linda Darsow SuttonMorning Meltdown


Barbara TappDown Eucalyptus Lane


Phyllis TsengSeeing Happiness


Salvador ValenciaTrapped


Ann WalkerSerengeti Stomp


Cristine WeatherbyCaito


Laurie WighamMelting Snow Sierra Valley


Rae Ann WilliamsSo Sunflowery


Leslie WilsonMike


Georganne Zaro-EddyCalifornia Coast V


Thank you. We hope that you’ve enjoyed our National Exhibition web gallery this year. We look forward to seeing you at our reception on March 4 from 1 to 3pm at the Harrington Gallery in Pleasanton. We appreciate our hosts there: Sydney Tang, Lili Caridis, Rachel Prater and others.


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