Video Library

CWA has an extensive video library containing varied techniques by many well known artists that is continually updated and available free to all its members. These videos can only be checked out by members at our General Meetings.


Catalog Type Author Title
A1 DVD Allen, Greg A World of Watercolor
A2 DVD Andrews, Don Making Watercolor Glow
A3 DVD Andrews, Don Painting the Light
A4 DVD Andrews, Don Granulation
A5 DVD Andrews, Don Painting Figures in the Landscape
A6 DVD Andrews, Don How to Loosen Up
A7 DVD Andrews, Don Painting Negative Space
B2   Brommer, Gerald Watercolor in Action: Responding To Nature (copy 1)
B5   Brommer, Gerald Exploring WC from Location to Studio
B6   Burridge, Robert Loosen-up with Aqua-media
B7   Burridge, Robert Aqua-media Landscapes
B8   Burridge, Robert Aquamedia Florals
B10 DVD Beam, Mary Todd From Trash to Treasure (acrylic)
C1   Cassatt, Mary Portrait of an Artist
C2   Couch, Tony Controlling Watercolor
C3   Couch, Tony Elements and Principals of Design
C4   Canfield, Stella Debunking the myth of Talent
C5   Carr, Betty Capturing Limited Light
C6   Chee, Cheng-Khee Traditional Watercolor Approach
C7   Cohn, Julie The Dance of Watercolor Part 1
C8 DVD Castagnet, Alvaro Inspired Watercolor
C9   Cohn, Julie The Dance of WC Luminosity-copy 1
C10   Cohn, Julie The Dance of WC Luminosity-copy 2
C11 DVD Castagnet, Alvaro Passionate Painter in Antwerp
C12 DVD Cobb, Virginia Acrylic Abstract Painting
D10 DVD Dalio, Carl Sketching in Perspective
D11 DVD Dews, Pat Designing Great Starts
E1   Engle, Nita Nita Engle in Michigan (not a demo)
E2 DVD Edwards, Sterling Luminous Watercolor-Wooded Landscape
E3 DVD Edwards, Sterling Luminous Watercolor-Evening Landscape
F5 DVD Francese, Frank Fast & Loose
G1   Greene, Gary Water-soluble Colored Pencil Workshop
G2 DVD Getz, Don Positives & Negatives-Watercolor on Gesso
G3 DVD Greenberg, Judy Creative Watercolor Using Gel Medium
G4 DVD Grastorf, Jean Pouring Transparent Watercolor
H2 DVD Hellmuth, Claudine Collage Textures and Techniques
H3 DVD Harrison-Tustain, Susan Watercolor Portrait Workshop-Part 1
H4 DVD Harrison-Tustain, Susan Watercolor Portrait Workshop-Part 2
J1   Johansen, Jay Dramatic Watercolor Portraits
J2   Jackson, Paul Painting Light and Landscapes
J3   Jung, Kwan Chinese Brush Painting
J4 DVD James, George Mastering Yupo
J5 DVD James, George The Artistic Process on Yupo Paper
J6 DVD Jones, Tom Simplified Watercolor Techniques
K1   Kirk, James Elements of Design
K2   Kirk, James Magic of Light and Dark
K6   Kunz, Jan Painting Watercolor Portraits
K7   Kunz, Jan Getting Started Right
K8   Kemp, Linda Painting Outside the Lines
L1   Labadie, George The Masculine Figure
L2   Lawrence & Schink Designing Shapes
L3   Lawrence, Skip Understanding Watercolor
L4   Lawrence, Skip Designing with Light
L7   Lawrence, Skip Contrast in Watercolor
L8   Lynch, Tom Emphasizing Value in Paintings
L10 DVD Lawrence, Skip Figures Painting Fast & Fun
L14   Lynch, Tom Emphasizing Values in Watercolor
L15   Lynch, Tom Watercolor Techniques
L17   Lynch, Tom Secrets of Painting on Watercolor Canvas
L18 DVD Lawrence, Skip Jellybean Heads
M1   Masterfield, Maxine Experimental Painting - 6 Techniques (Acrylic)
M2   Mat Cutting Simplified Using Alto's Mat Cutter
M3   Mats, How to Cut Using Logan Mat Cutters
M4   Morris, Judy Tuscan Textures
M5 DVD McLachlan, Chuck Connecting Shapes
M6 DVD Miller, Joe Spatter Techniques/Gem Finders
M7 DVD McKenzie, Gordon Watercolorist Notebook-Landscapes
N1 DVD Nechis, Barbara Watercolor artist
O1   O'Connor, Birgit Flowers - Poppies
O2   O'Keefe, George Women in Art
O3   O'Connor, Birgit Within the Flower
O4   O'Connor, Birgit Landscape Field Studies
P1   Pearlstine, Philip Draws the Artist's Model
P2   Pech, Arleta Roses, Roses
P4   Pech, Arleta Still Life Follow Along
P5   Pember, Ann Vibrant Orchid
Q1   Quiller, Stephen Watermedia Techniques - Acrylics and Casein
Q2   Quiller, Stephen Color and the Plein Air Experience
Q3   Quiller, Stephen Color Concepts
Q5   Quiller, Stephen Visualizing What You Paint
Q6   Quiller, Stephen Watercolor Methods
Q7   Quiller, Stephen Color
Q8   Quiel, Cathy Foliage in Watercolor
Q9 DVD Quiller, Stephen Complete Watermedia Workshop - Disc 1
Q10 DVD Quiller, Stephen Complete Watermedia Workshop - Disc 2
Q11 DVD Quiller, Stephen Acrylics the Watercolor Way
Q12 DVD Quiller, Stephen Watercolor-Landscapes in living color
R1   Ranson, Ron Distilling Scene in Watercolor
R2   Reid, Charles The Figure in Watercolor
R3 DVD Reid, Charles Portraits in Watercolor
R5   Ranson, Ron Landscapes from Photographs
R7 DVD Reid, Charles Watercolor Secrets
R8 DVD Ranson, Ron Big Brush Watercolor
R9 DVD Rogers, Janet Expressive Watercolor Portraits
R10   Rogers, Janet Expressive Florals
R11 DVD Ridgeway, Bette Layering Light (Acrylics)
R12 DVD Rogers, Janet Watercolor Rhythms
R13 DVD Reid, Charles Master Class - Vol. 1
R14 DVD Reid, Charles Master Class - Vol. 2
R15 DVD Reid, Charles Master Class - Vol. 3
S9 DVD Simmons, Nicholas Innovative Watermedia
S10   Simmons, Karen Gardens in Watercolor
S11   Stine, Al Coastal Scene
S12   Stine, Al Painting a Mexican Church
S16   Silverman, Burton Painting the Figure
S17   Soto, Penny Glowing Cherries & Lace
S20   Stabin, Mel The figure in Watercolor on Location
S21   Stabin, Mel Southeast Lighthouse, Block Island
S22 DVD Salminen, John A Designed Approach to Abstraction
S23 DVD Sprung, Sharon Skin Tones & Facial Features
S24 DVD Salminen, John A Designed Approach to Abstraction #2
S25 DVD Salminen, John Urban Landscape
S26 DVD Sullivan, Jacqueline Acrylics: Textures, Layers & Metallics
T1 DVD Taylor, David Looking for the Light
T2   Taylor, Richard Natural Watercolor
U1   Understanding Artists Brushes  
U2   Unwin, Christine Loosen Up and Let it Flow
V1   Vernon, Karen Unleashing Dynamic Color
V3   van Hasselt, Tony Building Blocks of Painting (Part 1)
V4   van Hasselt, Tony Building Blocks of Painting (Part 2)
V5   van Hasselt, Tony Mixing Greens and Painting Foliage
V6   van Hasselt, Tony Watercolor Fun in Nature's Studio
V7 DVD van Hasselt, Tony Building Blocks of Painting
V8 DVD Vavagiakis, Costa Drawing the Nude
W1   Wagner, Judi Mist Over the Movie Set
W2   Walsh, Janet Interpreting Glass Containers and Lace
W3   Wallake, Joe F. Wallake's Watercolor Work-Shop
W4   Wyeth, Andrew The Helga Pictures
W5   Winsor Newton Video  
W7   Wade, Robert A. Simply Watercolour
W8   Wiegardt, Eric Flowers Free and Easy
W9   Walsh, Janet Capturing the Essence of a Bouquet
W10   Walsh, Janet The Use of Greens, Whites & Yellows
W11   Walsh, Janet Interpreting Glass Containers & Lace
W12   Walsh, Janet Vocabulary of Backgrounds
W13 DVD Webb, Frank Painting with Expression
W14 DVD Winton, Suzanna Watercolor Portraits
W15 DVD Wade, Robert Watercolor Workshop
W16   Wade, Robert Watercolor Wade's Way
W17 DVD Wiegardt, Eric Painting Loosely
W18 DVD Webb, Frank Painting Enjoyable Color
W19 DVD Waite, Mitch Painting from Life in Acrylics - Part 1
W20 DVD Waite, Mitch Painting from Life in Acrylics - Part 2
Y1   Yardley, John Sunlight in Watercolor
Y2 DVD Yardley, John Variety in Watercolor
Z1 DVD Zbukvic, Joseph Watercolor on Location
Z2 DVD Zbukvic, Joseph Atmosphere & Mood in Watercolor
Z3 DVD Zbukvic, Joseph Watercolor Impressions