Barbara Kempe, Domes of Guanajuato Mexico, HK Holbein Inc. Award
Barbara Kempe Domes of Guanajuato Mexico
HK Holbein Inc. Award
Barbara Yoerg, Hurricane Matthew Aftermath, Cheap Joes Award
Barbara Yoerg Hurricane Matthew Aftermath
Cheap Joes Award
Bev Jozwiak, Stormy Weather , Guerrilla Painters/Judsons Award
Bev Jozwiak Stormy Weather
Guerrilla Painters/Judsons Award
Carolyn Lord, Poppies and Agave, Award
Carolyn Lord Poppies and Agave Award
Denise Athanas, Sailing The Aegean, Jade Fon Memorial Award
Denise Athanas Sailing The Aegean
Jade Fon Memorial Award
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum, Confinement, Mijello 1st Award
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum Confinement
Mijello 1st Award
Geoffrey McCormack, Learning to Walk in My Own Shadow 9, Gold
Geoffrey McCormack Learning to Walk in My Own Shadow 9
Gloria Baker, The Meeting, Past Presidents Award
Gloria Baker The Meeting
Past Presidents Award
Iretta Hunter, Quilted Rose, Jack Richeson & Co., Inc.  Award
Iretta Hunter Quilted Rose
Jack Richeson & Co.
Jeannie Vodden, Sunshine, M. Graham & Co. Award
Jeannie Vodden Sunshine
M. Graham & Co. Award
Karen Frey, Manny in the Kitchen Window, Mary Spivey Memorial Award
Karen Frey Manny in the Kitchen Window
Mary Spivey Memorial Award
Kate Aubrey, Been There, Silver
Kate Aubrey Been There
Kathie, CWA Boissiere, Dimensions, Watercolor West Award
Kathie CWA Boissiere
Leslie Cheney-Parr, Puy Blanket of Spring, Dick Cole Memorial Award
Leslie Cheney-Parr Puy Blanket of Spring
Dick Cole Memorial Award
Lynne Kroll, Geared, Mijello 2nd Award
Lynne Kroll Geared
Mijello 2nd Award
Mark Smith, Shutter Shadow, Bronze
Mark Smith Shutter Shadow
Peter Carey, Wigwam Motel, Blick Art Materials Award
Peter Carey Wigwam Motel
Blick Art Materials Award
r. mike nichols, Family Foto 2, Arnold Grossman Memorial Award
r. mike nichols Family Foto 2
Arnold Grossman Memorial Award
Taryn Curiel, Finding Our Way, Norbert Volk Award
Taryn Curiel Finding Our Way
Norbert Volk Award
Valya Hristova, Little Sunshine, SaviorFaire Award
Valya Hristova Little Sunshine
SaviorFaire Award
Wendy Liang, Winter, American Frame/Golden Artist Colors, Inc.
Wendy Liang Winter
American Frame/Golden Artist Colors
Yueqi Zhang, Under the Sunshine, CWA Signature Members Award
Yueqi Zhang Under the Sunshine
CWA Signature Members Award

Award Winners - 48th National Exhibition 2018


CWA Members Show, The Color of Summer, at St Mary’s Museum of Art

The exhibit is from June 9 to August 26, 2018. The deadline to enter is April 6. Enter online on the Members Home Page. Here's the link to the Prospectus

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Now is your chance to be a CWA board member! The positions of Program Director, National Director and Member at Large are open for 2018. We are also looking for a webmaster and co-hospitality chair (not board positions). Please contact for more information and say you want to volunteer. 

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March 21, 2018
7:30 - 9:00 pm

Center for Community Arts
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   Guest Artist: Jeannie McGuire


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Jeannie McGuire
Figurative Design, Character is More
March 19-22



Eric Wiegardt, AWS-DF,NWS 
Wiegardt's Painterly Watercolors    
April 18-21

From the President
California Watercolor Association
"Just offer/suggest possibility, do not offer definition."
I’m always looking and listening for inspiration for my monthly newsletter articles, so when I heard this sentence, it struck a chord with me!Let people use their imagination! You really don’t need to define every last detail whether it is in your painting, in a conversation, in a letter or in a photograph. People become more connected when they become involved, especially when they fill in the blanks with their own details. When people fill in the details, the item becomes theirs. It becomes their painting, narrative, story or photo. They have invested a part of themselves in whatever they are looking at or discussing.People like to share their thoughts on an open topic. Maybe that is why folks gather around abstract art and discuss what they see or don’t see. Everyone has opinions and everyone has the ability to voice those opinions.I’ll never forget staring at a huge canvas in the Milwaukee Art Museum when I was a child. The painting was black, just black. When you looked closely it was three different shades of black painted horizontally across the canvas. Each band of black was approximately two to three feet wide. It was similar in a way to Ad Reinhardt’s “Abstract Painting” (1963). To this day I wonder why it was painted, why it was painted that way, what did/does it mean, and ‘yes’ why would an art museum buy that? More than 50 years later, I’m still curious about that painting. There was a similar one in the Legion of Honor, which triggered my thoughts again.What is the gist of my article… let the audience participate!Carol Husslein

California Watercolor Association

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