"Water Fall", Lindsay Dirkx Brown Show, Sept 1-30 - Award Winners

Congratulations to the Award Winners and Honorable Mentions for the Water Fall exhibit.

Catalina Shoreline
First Place
Sue Johnston, CWA
Catalina Shoreline, 20 x 28

Bahianna Red
Second Place
Melissa Adkison, CWA
Bahianna Red, 29 x 21

Third Place
David Broad, MCWA
Matador, 18 x 12

Mill Valley Morning Mist
Honorable Mention
Michael Friedland
Mill Valley Morning Mist, 13 x 10
Miller Knox Park Beach
Honorable Mention
Sara Kahn
Miller Knox Park Beach, 22 x 15

Honorable Mention
Salvador Valencia, MCWA
Dreams, 15 x 22

Pounding Surf
Honorable Mention
Leslie Wilson, CWA
Pounding Surf, 11 x 15