Workshops - Michael Reardon - Plein Air Painting - WAIT LIST ONLY

Michael Reardon - Plein Air Painting - WAIT LIST ONLY

Michael has traveled the world, creating plein air paintings as he goes. In this workshop he will share some of his insights into painting plein air, and how to enjoy it. Through demonstrations and hands-on painting, Michael will show ways to simplify and create dynamic compositions, work quickly and decisively, and capture the essence of a scene convincingly. He will cover the use of a limited palette, dynamic color mixing, and the use of light and value to describe form. 

To learn more about Michael, see his website:

Materials List:

Non Members Fee: $220.00 Members Fee: $165.00


Saturday we will meet at the Oakland Rose Garden at 700 Jean Street in Oakland. The focus of the workshop will be painting greens in the landscape.

On Sunday we will meet at the Berkeley Marina to focus on painting water and reflections.


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