47th National Exhibition Acceptances

We are pleased to announce that the following artists have been accepted into the 47th National Exhibition.  Please come see our exhibition at the Harrington Gallery in Pleasanton, January 14-February 27, 2017.

First Name  Last Name Title
Melissa Adkison Color Shadows
Thomas Anderson Place de la Concorde Magpies
Ruth Armitage Crucible
Denise Athanas Krystallos
Terri Austin-Beech The Ruination of Sherry's Iris
Stephen Berry Kauai Sunrise
Al Beyer Untitled
Glenn Blue Susquehanna Aerial Impressions
Barbara Bochenek Keep the Lights On
Kathie Boissiere Etretat Cliffs
Marilyn Sears Bourbon Georgina
Cindy Brabec-King Beach Bones
Francesca Brayton San Carlos Spoons
Karen Burkland Hearts Unite
Kathy Byrne Memories
Angela Chang Filling Station Cafe XI
Lee Chin Chian We Can Fly
Mary Ciofalo Crane
Valerie Coe Slick Ear
Kathy Collins Flickering Images
Taryn Curiel Departing
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum She Stands Alone
Don Devine Dollar Tip
Patricia Dispenziere The Play of Light VII
Susan Donohoe Rock Paper Scissors
Maura Madden Donovan On Vacation
Sharon Feingold Sincerely Yours
Yuechen Feng Tianjin China Tragedy
Jane Ferguson Abstract 4
Ellen A. Fountain Disquieting Muse after de Chirico
Steve Garner The Woodpecker Rally
Stuart Givot Hotel Bar and Grill
Laurie Goldstein-Warren Glass on Glass on Fabric
Bob Hannah Abandoned Pier
Helen Hayes The Details
Ruth Ellen Hoag Marking Time
John James Letter to Remember Orange
Glen Jarvis Mavericks
Lisa Jefferson Cracklin' Rosie
Sue Johnston Back Alley
Geri Keary Dock Repairs 2
Uma Kelkar Red Room
Lok Kerk Hwang Closed No 33
Ruth Koch Connected
Tia Kratter Outrelaise Bleu
Lynne Kroll Lunar Reverie
Bharati Kshirsagar SF Night
Kathrine Lemke Waste An Arrangement of Rose Hips
Dyanne Locati Songs of Triumph
Geoffrey McCormack Learning to Walk in My Own Shadow V7.0
Maggie Metcalf Tucked In
Marion Mettler Layers No. 19 Friends
Ruth Miller Happy Hour
Dean Mitchell Casual Moment in Ybor City
Patricia Moseuk Seriously
Sayeko Nakamura Blue Room
Suzanne Natzke Leafy Reflections
Eileen Mueller Neill Crazy Spirit
Woon Lam Ng Market Impression
Juan Pena Autumn Mountain Stream
Ronnie Rector Afternoon Tea
Anthony Rogone Batik Rose
Charles Rouse Morning on the Strand
Susan Routledge Ravens Gate
Diane Schmidt Insomnia
Vikrant Shitole Costa Brava
Lynn Slade Farthest East
Vita Sorrentino Madam B 
Carol Staub Tick Tock
Ching-Ping Sun Fiery Sunset in Prague
Dashuai Sun Musician
Tan Suz Chiang Purple Melody 2 
Dee Tivenan Red Houses
Salvador Valencia Allegro
Myrna Wacknov Anger Management
Liz Walker Hanging Dress
Cristine Weatherby A Little Place of My Own
Carol Weiss Small Treasures
Hal Wright Bosc and D'Anjou Follow the Others
Alan Wylie Shrimp Sellers