47th National Exhibition Reception

January 14, 2017
Harrington Gallery, Pleasanton, California

What a Reception!  Here are a few photos from our National Exhibition Opening Reception.  We entertained more than 200 guests, enjoyed celebrating 26 award winners, 7 new Signature Members and 3 new Master Signatures.

   New Signature Members

  • Anthony Ragone
  • Marilyn Hill
  • Barbara Yoerg
  • Maggie Metcalf
  • John James
  • Angela Chang
  • Carol Staub

    New Master Signatures

  • Ruth Koch
  • Charles Ruse
  • Leslie Cheney Parr

Outstanding Achievement Member
  •  Sue Johnston
  President, Carol Husslein
 Opening Welcome and Thank You Remarks 

 AWARD WINNING ARTISTS                   
Sue Johnston (left), Jack Richeson & Co., Inc. Award
Melissa Adkinson, Richard Barrett Memorial Award

Susan Rutledge (right), Armadillo Art & Craft Award

Marion Mettler (right), Bronze Award

Angela Chang (right), Canson Ink Award