Different Perspective

This show is now closed for entries.  Please come to the Exhibition April 1-29! All are welcome at the opening reception Saturday, April 15, 4-6 pm.


Different Perspective at the Delta Gallery, Brentwood

Juror of Acceptance‐Karen Frey, (www.karenfrey.com). My work is a window to my life. I paint what I see, know, love and find entertaining. While my work is representational, my challenge is to question what I am actually seeing. I must interpret reality into an organized array of shapes, colors, and marks. I paint in both watercolor and encaustic. While these two mediums may seem as opposing as water and wax, they oddly share common characteristics. Most notable, they both encompass fluidity and transparency. While watercolor is a taxing medium, encaustic becomes a formidable adversary with the incorporation of fire. The content of my work suggest a narrative. I prefer a vague tale, allowing my viewer to engage in a personal interpretation. I utilize this same approach when painting. Audience participation is a requisite to translating my colors, shapes and curious edges into something tangible.
Juror of Awards-John Finger, (www.fingerart.com), grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area's Diablo Valley, and graduated from the California College of Arts and Crafts (CCA) in Oakland in 1977. He has traveled extensively around the world, from Europe to Asia, visiting art centers and collections, drawing from the works of the masters, and sketching and painting areas of interest and natural beauty. Although John is best known for his California landscapes, he continues to work on other studio and plein air paintings, including the figure, still lifes and anything else that inspires painting. Currently, John exhibits, teaches classes, and holds workshops in Northern California.

Show Calendar (Save these Dates) 

March 5, 2017 Entry Deadline
March 16

Acceptance Notifications (emails to accepted artist; list posted on our website

March 26 Receiving, hand-delivered paintings (11:00 AM to 3:00 PM). Artist Check-in, Label validation and hang paintings.
March 29 Juror’s award selection (John Finger) 2:00 PM
April 1 Show opens
April 15 Artist Reception/Awards 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM (CWA Artist’s and Delta Artist’s).
April 29 Show closes
April 30

Artist Pickup paintings (11:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

The Delta Gallery, in the STREETS of Brentwood, 2485-Sandcreek #128, Brentwood, California, features the works of renowned artists of regional stature in painting, sculpture and conceptual art. The new owners have transformed and remodeled this facility into a beautiful open spaced gallery.

The CWA Regional Member Show is open to all CWA artists 18 years or older. Paintings must be two-dimensional
and primarily water media on paper surface; Yupo and Tyvek are acceptable. Pastel or collage may be used as long
as watermedia is the dominant element. No digital media, photography, prints, or reproductions. Source material
and composition must be wholly original and not derived from any published images. Entries must be entirely the
work of the artist, and not shown previously in a CWA Regional Member Show. No workshop or class work
allowed. All paintings must be for sale.
Size Limits
Minimum image: 140 square inches, no side less than 10 inches. Maximum outside frame: 40"x40"
All paintings must be framed in simple, square-cornered frames ready for hanging and protected under Plexiglas
with FOAM CORE BACKING, wire ends taped and ready to hang. No sawtooths, clamps or eye screws. Mats
(optional) must be white or off white. Colored liner mats are acceptable. Additional details may be included in
instructions to accepted artists.

Online Entries Only
All entries will be submitted via our website, www.californiawatercolor.org. Artists may enter up to three digital
images in jpeg format, resolution 300 dpi, with 1200 pixels on the longest side, one painting per file. Show only the
image without mat or frame.

CWA Members: Log in to the Members Home page, choose California Shows, confirm your information, upload your images, and add your painting details.  DO NOT PAY until all entries are completed.  Print a copy of your submission to make sure you have your the correct information for the painting labels.

Entry Fees (non-refundable)
Entry fee is payable on PayPal by credit, debit, or individual account. CWA members: $20 for two images, $30 for a
maximum of 3 images.
Accepted Entries
All accepted artists will be notified by email and results will be posted online March 16, 2017. Accepted work must
match submitted image; paintings not consistent with submitted image may be disqualified. All paintings must
have a label attached to the back. Labels are found on the web at californiawatercolor.org >Membership >Forms>
Labels for painting.
The Delta Art Gallery will retain a 30% commission. CWA will retain 10% commission.
Conditions and Liabilities
No work may be withdrawn before the end of the Show unless sold. CWA and the Delta Gallery reserve the right to
photograph artwork or copy images for promotional purposes. Insurance coverage is the artist’s sole responsibility,
both in transit and during the show. Neither CWA nor the Delta Gallery insures the artwork and neither
shall be responsible for loss or damage to any artwork submitted. Accepted artists must sign a release of liability.
The submission of entries to this show shall constitute an agreement on the part of the artist to the terms and
conditions as set forth in this prospectus.
Please email: californiashows@californiawatercolor.org
Contact:  Craig Moline 415-806-0907 or Michael Friedland 415-505-3399