Acceptances in the Lindsay Dirkx Brown Show, Go Figure

Lindsay Dirkx Brown Acceptances, Go Figure, June 1-June 29:

First Name Last Name Title
Melissa Adkison, CWA Veiled Flower
Lucy Ashton In the Rose Garden
Lucy Ashton St. Louis Spring
Phyllis Brady Sunday Family Time 
Phyllis Brady Susan
David Broad, MCWA Five Cents
David Broad, MCWA Not a Cowboy
Kathy Byrne, CWA I Want Candy
Kathy Byrne, CWA Antique Jars
Kathy Byrne, CWA Light From The Past
Grace Castro Simple pleasures with sis
Suzanne D'Arcy Napa Riverfront on a Rainy Night
Suzanne D'Arcy Yountville Spring
Robert Davidson, CWA Montclair Meander
Robert Davidson, CWA Nothing but Net
Robert Davidson, CWA Power
John Ediger Stockton Reds
Michael Friedland Sunlight on the Path
Michael Friedland Two pines dancing in the forest
Joan Gombos Inspiration Point
Joan Gombos Maureen Reflects
Douglas Greer, CWA Brown Eyed Girl
Douglas Greer, CWA Mother and Son
John Hewitt Running Late
John Hewitt Castle Eileen Doonan
John Hewitt Pompei Bay
John Hopper Forest Falls
John Hopper Hangin In The Hood
Carol Husslein Full Bloom
Sue Johnston, CWA Seeing double
Sue Johnston, CWA Standing Tall
Elizabeth  Johnston Unwavering Gaze
Elizabeth  Johnston Thinking is easier in the garden
Elizabeth  Johnston Everything looks different when I wear my Medusa Hat
Sara Kahn At The Beach
Sara Kahn Beach Hat
Sara Kahn The Distant Lighthouse
Kim Kearns My Sweet Taylor Grace
Kim Kearns Lovin Life
Jan Lainoff Till Blue in the Face
Debbie Laughlin 1948 Ford Pickup Rusty Gem
Debbie Laughlin The 1940 International Harvester Truck 
Sue Matthews Serengeti Sentinel
Pamela McCauley Carl Off the Grid
Pamela McCauley I Can Speak for Myself
Marilyn Miller, CWA River God Waits
Craig Moline Feeding Time
Craig Moline Bamboo Garden
Craig Moline Slovakia Square
Sayeko Nakamura, CWA After The Rain
Sayeko Nakamura, CWA Kinono Dancer
Sayeko Nakamura, CWA Ancient Ship
Yvonne Newhouse Musicians on the Nakasendo
Wendy Oliver Glowing Peony
Wendy Oliver Glowing Lantern
Gloria Sampson The Cuban Beat
Gloria Sampson The Children of Cuba
Lynn Slade Sunday Morning News
Lynn Slade Riffles
Lynn Slade Snags
Jane Sneed Kearny Street Downtown San Francisco
Jane Sneed Dagnys Coffee Company and the Bakersfield Fox
Jane Sneed Treasure Isle Marina
Salvador Valencia, MCWA Romances
Salvador Valencia, MCWA Heidorn Ranch
Lorraine Wells Bay Rocks
Lorraine Wells Cellar Road
Rae Ann Williams Artsy Paradise
Rae Ann Williams The Little Church
Rae Ann Williams The Baja Bunch
Leslie Wilson, CWA Cunningham Cabin 2
Leslie Wilson, CWA Barbara
Kerry Woodward Late in the Day
Kerry Woodward The Weed Eaters