The Color of Summer, St Marys College Museum of Art

California Watercolor Association
Members Show

June 9 – August 26, 2018
ENTRY DEADLINE: April 6, 2018
Awards: 1st $500, 2nd $200, 3rd $100
and Four Honorable Mentions
St. Mary's College Museum of Art
1928 Saint Mary's Road, Moraga, CA 94556

St. Mary's College Museum of Art is a prestigious museum located on the beautiful, sylvan campus in the Moraga Hills above Oakland. The museum is unique in Contra Costa County as the only one accredited by the American Association of Museums. The museum is well known for its extensive collection of the work of early California landscape painter William Keith. CWA is proud to have the opportunity to show our members' work in such a wonderful venue.

Juror of Acceptance—Skip Lawrence

Art is the successful presentation of our passions, affections, point of view, celebrations, declarations, or beliefs. Selecting paintings for inclusions and awards is subjective. I have no checklist of evaluation. My first criteria are how a painting makes me feel. An artist's commitment to an idea or emotion it is always evident. Whether the style is purely abstract or the most carefully rendered realism, for me, honest feeling trumps technique. Art shows are admirable, for they give us the chance to share in the evolution of art and artist. Though some have been singled out to receive special recognition, each artist who entered this show has my admiration and esteem. All painters who strive to make and share their art enrich the lives of those who view the paintings. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your process to bring these images to view.

Juror of Awards—Gary Bukovnik

When judging an exhibition I find it is one of those difficult things to know exactly what to do. Should the judge use the criteria of technique as a foremost indicator of expertise . . . or creativity with the medium . . . or perhaps inspiration? Inthe end it is all of these things, plus the one most ineffable, how a painting moves the viewer emotionally. I have always felt mastering of technique to be very important, like proficiency in another language. Once mastered, one can begin to say whatever it is they have in their heart or mind freely without restriction. Tempered by all these aspects when judging, I look to see the overall harmonious combination in a work of art that strikes the heart. This is something unquantifiable
and mysterious. Always when judging you get just one person's point of view. It is my hope that, in the end, the best and greatest are recognized even though there can be but one first place, etc. All paintings entered have something special to offer, and I often regret that every single one cannot have an award.

Show Calendar (Save these Dates)

April 6 Entry deadline
May 4 Notifications emailed to all accepted artists - Accepted list posted on CWA website
May 23-25 8:00am—4:00pm: Artwork drop-off at St. Mary's and artist check-in
May 25 Shipped paintings must arrive at St. Mary's
June 8 Juror's Award selection
June 9 Show opens - Public Opening 2:00—4:00pm
June 9 Artist Reception & Awards from 2:00—4:00pm
August 26 Show closes 4:00pm
Aug 28-31 Artists pick up paintings (8:00am—3:00pm)


This CWA Members Show is open to ALL CWA Members 18 years or older. Paintings must be two-dimensional andprimarily watermedia on paper surface; Yupo and Tyvek are acceptable. Pastel or collage may be used as long as watermedia is the dominant medium. Digital media, photography, prints, or reproductions are not acceptable. The source material and composition of submitted work must be wholly original and not derived from any published images. Entries must be entirely the work of the artist, and not shown previously in a CWA Members Show. No workshop or class work allowed. All paintings must be for sale. All work submitted to this show must have been completed in the past two years.

Online Entries Only

All entries will be submitted via our website, Members may enter up to three digital images in jpeg format, resolution 300 dpi, with 1200 pixels on the longest side, one painting per file. Show only the image without mat or frame.

Log in and go to the Members homepage, or choose Shows/Exhibitions, then Member Shows and choose The Color of Summer. Confirm your information, add your painting details and upload your images.

Entry Fees (non-refundable)

Entry fee is payable by PayPal, credit, debit, or individual account.
CWA Members: $25 for two images, $35 for a maximum of three images.

Accepted Entries

All accepted artists will be notified by email and results will be posted online May 4, 2018. Accepted work must match the submitted image; paintings not consistent with submitted image may be disqualified. The acceptance email will include all instructions for delivering the accepted painting to St. Mary’s College.
Shipping instructions for members who cannot drop off their accepted work in person will be provided with the acceptance email.

Size Limits

Minimum image: 140 square inches, no side less than 10 inches. Maximum outside frame: 40 inches x 40 inches.


All paintings must be framed in simple, square-cornered frames ready for hanging and protected under acrylic (not glass) with foam core backing, wire ends taped and ready to hang. No sawtooths, clamps or eye screws. Mats (optional) must be white or off white. Colored liner mats are acceptable. Additional details may be included in instructions to accepted artists.


All sales will be made through the artist. All paintings must hang for the duration of the show. CWA will retain a 25% commission on all work sold.

Conditions and Liabilities

No work may be withdrawn before the end of the Show. CWA and St. Mary's College Museum of Art reserve the right to photograph artwork or copy images for promotional purposes. Insurance coverage during transport is the artist’s sole responsibility. St. Mary's College Museum of Art provides insurance for the artwork while it is in their possession. The submission of entries to this show shall constitute an agreement on the part of the artist to the terms and conditions as set forth in this prospectus. Each accepted artist will also receive a St. Mary's loan agreement (in the CWA acceptance package) to sign and return with the artwork.

Michael Friedland 415 505 3399

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