CWA is pleased to announce the accepted artists in our 48th National Exhibition, which will take place at the Marin Society of Artists Gallery, 1515 3rd Street, San Rafael, CA.  The show will run January 3-January 31, 2018.

The Artists' and Awards Reception will held on Saturday, January 6, 3-5 pm. All welcome.


Last Name First Name Title
Abraham Patricia Hiding Places VII
Adkison, CWA Melissa Always CocaCola
Anderson Craig All Boxed Up
Armitage, CWA Ruth Damn Cigarettes
Athanas, MCWA Denise Sailing The Aegean
Aubrey Kate Been There
Baker Gloria The Meeting
Baron Andrea Celestial Tonic
Barrero, CWA Rolando Last of the Mothball Fleet
Berry Stephen A Very Narrow Vase
Bird Matthew For You
Boissiere, CWA Kathie Dimensions
Carey Peter Wigwam Motel
Cheney-Parr, MCWA Leslie Puy Blanket of Spring
Chin Chian Lee Home Truly
Collins Kathy Mythical
Curiel, CWA Taryn Finding Our Way
Curtis Linda L. Cannas Nouveau
Daily-Birnbaum, CWA Elaine Confinement
Fairmont, MCWA Manette Fog City Blues V
Fallin, CWA Anne Plain Vanilla
Ferguson Jane Coastal Town
Frey, MCWA Karen Manny in the Kitchen Window
Friedman Devorah Man with a Blue Cap
Frye Carol Building  Strength
Gao, CWA Qian Outdoor Market
Guo Xi Tangle No.6
Hayes Helen Kanuga Painters
Hofstetter Jane Crosscurrents
Holter Michael War and Peace
Hristova Valya Little Sunshine
Hunter, MCWA Iretta Quilted Rose
James, CWA John Rope Bridge
Jones Rance Grab Your Partner
Jozwiak Bev Stormy Weather 
Kahn Sara End of Workday
Kempe Barbara Domes of Guanajuato Mexico
Kerk Hwang Lok Morning Song No 10
Kratter Tia Petanque
Kroll, CWA Lynne Geared
Kuang Shufeng Tibetans
Kurth Stan Coastal Anxiety 18
Lehmann Anita Ocean Bluff
Liang Wendy Winter
Lord Carolyn Poppies and Agave
MacDiarmid Sandra Notes to Myself
Magallanes Guy Reaching for the Light
Mai Xiaoting Summertime Street View
McCormack, CWA Geoffrey Learning to Walk in My Own Shadow 9
McIntyre, CWA Robert Shades of Grey
Miller Kristi Arbor Adoration
Minger-McCants Peggy Woven Woman 1
Moseuk Pat Climbing the Ladder
Natzke Suzanne Big Fish
Neill Eileen Mueller New Family
Nichols R. Mike Family Foto 2
Normart C Valley Industrial
OConnor, CWA Birgit Rhododendron Bud
Prinzing Lorraine Finding the Light
Purcell, MCWA Robin Blue Ridge
Ravindrudu Nalanda Hemanth
Rector Ronnie Italian Gothic
Rouse, MCWA Charles Street Chefs
Russell Kay Camel Can VI
Schaller Thomas W  Out of Water
Smith Mark Shutter Shadow
Tang Michael The Glass Table
Tivenan Dee Hopefully Peace
Tseng Phyllis Sunset Reflection
Valencia, MCWA Salvador Abstract8
Vodden Jeannie Sunshine
Walters Steve Patzcuaro No. 89
Warren, CWA Jean Willow Smiles
Washington, CWA Margaret San Jose Jazz
Wilson, CWA Leslie Silver Dollars
Woods Bonnie Hare of the New Moon
Woon Lam Ng Companions of a Lovely Morning
Wynn Christopher Was Thinking About Painting This
Yoerg, CWA Barbara Hurricane Matthew Aftermath
Zhang Yueqi Under the Sunshine