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2020 Summer So Serene Virtual Exhibition

The winners are...

 Michael Friedland, Low Tide So Serene

1st Place - Michael Friedland Low Tide So Serene
This watercolor captures our coastal Californian foggy summers perfectly. It is a very well designed layered painting with strong contrast in application from the wet into wet sky to the dry hard edge of the sand bar. The figures add important scale to the scene and the three lifted areas on the horizon drew me through the painting into the distance.

Susan Jochheim, Alecs Geranium

Second Place - Susan Jochheim Alec’s Geranium
Poetry. This speaks of summer in a garden full of colors . There is a magnetic draw for me with this incredibly exciting dynamic floral painting. The soft focal point in the middle of the central flower shows the painter understands the subtlety of values and cleverly uses white and dark blue to pop the star of the show. This painting dances in lyrical design, lost and found edges and delicacy of paint. The powerful color contrast is sophisticated and precise yet loose.This is a very visually pleasing watercolor of a geranium.

Georganne Zaro-Eddy, California Coast ll

Third Place - Georganne Zaro Eddy Californian Coast 11
There is a soothing flow in this carefully created watercolor. Imaginative folds, deftly run washes sprinkled with textures creates a complex abstract landscape. This artist has a sophisticated command and understanding of the nature of watercolor. This is a very pleasing tonal painting.

 Robin Becic, I Am

Honorable Mention - Robin Becic I Am
There is a wistful serenity in this portrait. I am drawn to the far away expression in her face, enhanced by the placement of the white areas.This is a vibrant appealing well designed piece loaded with texture and there is also a strong ability to draw and sculpt through value and color.

John Ediger, Goin Home

Honorable Mention - John Ediger Goin’ Home
Summer light kisses this old tractor. Great values using a limited palette. There are three strong horizontal plains in the design that support the three dimensional tractor. Great handling of perspective in contrast to the hazy wet wash background and excellent values.

Marina Goldberg, Serenity of summer light

Honorable Mention - Marina Goldberg Serenity of Summer Light
It’s all about the light and the story. This shows a serene moment…it could be happy or sad. Look at her body language and the casual way she holds her letter.A subtle tonal gem, well proportioned, and masterly outlined in paint.This artist has a strong command of values and lost and found edges. I like the way the light enters the painting from the right and crosses over her body bringing her to life in a bold move.

Leslie Wilson, Consultation

Honorable Mention - Leslie Wilson Consultation
This is a lovely spontaneous fresh watercolor. I’m sure these two had enjoyed a serene time fishing. There is great confidence in the application of the washes. The artist draws with a brush and has a great sense of proportion and scale. The flat wash at the top allows me to keep the focus on the two heads talking and the rest of the painting from the backpacks and shirts to the grasses jumping with confidence and energy making a joyful painting.

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