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Volunteer Rewards

(Service Hours Earned)

ONE POINT for each volunteer hour you work - even if you have your signature membership.

100 hours: $75 credit toward cost of CWA workshop registration, limited to one per year per member. Only two members can receive this credit in any given workshop. First come, first served. Turn in your hours certificates to the registrar.

60 hours: With two (2) acceptances in a CWA National Exhibition, apply for Signature Membership; or upon presentation of signed service hours, one year's free membership. Turn in your certificates to the Membership Director.

30 hours: One free CWA apron. Use your certificates as cash upon purchase. 

10 hours: Register on the Contact page with the Program Director for a 20 minute critique by a CWA Signature or Master Signature member. Only two artists per general meeting. You will be notified a week before the general meeting. Up to two paintings per artist. Must bring volunteer certificate. We will subtract ten hours from your certificate. First critique starts at 6:30pm. Second critique starts at 6:50pm. One critique session per artist per year. Hand in your certificates to the Signature or Master Signature member doing the critique.

5 hours: Rent a display panel. See Forms: Panel Rental for more details. Use your certificates as cash upon purchase. 

5 hours: One free catalog after the National Exhibition has ended. Use your certificates as cash upon purchase. 

It is the member's responsibility to keep a record of volunteer service hours by asking for 'Service Hours" slip at the time of volunteering and have it signed by the chairman of the event being worked. You can print a volunteer service hours record from the forms page on the drop down menu on Bring it with you to the volunteer event to be signed by the Director or Chairperson.


Here is a downloadable form you can use to record your volunteer hours.