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2021 Autumn Color Awards

2021 Autumn Color Show - Awards

California Watercolor Association Member Show Now Open!
Sponsored by the Falkirk Cultural Center in San Rafael, California

October 7 – November 12, 2021

To purchase a painting, please email us at, or if you’re in person, let the gallery staff know.

The Autumn Color CWA Member Show is open! You can see these works in person at the Falkirk Cultural Center, 1408 Mission Avenue at E Street, San Rafael, CA 94901

First, the winners:

1st Place 

Title: Transition
Pat Moseuk 

27 x 27 inches

Juror Comments: There is so much to enjoy in this painting. The placement of the red-orange as you enter the painting brings you abruptly into the work. It then gently carries you across the painting to the other red-orange shape, which keeps you in the painting. While the autumn theme of warm color is minimal, the use of many cool colors allows the viewer to delight in the balance of color, making the warm colors' pop'. The use of the line work also allows one to move around the painting with a hint of shadow. That gives it a suggestion of some depth. The placement and variety of shapes complete this very intriguing painting.



2nd Place 

Title: Autumn at Fishhook Creek
Sue Johnston 

 15 x 19 inches

Juror Comments: I kept coming back to this delightful, traditional watercolor. With skillful use of watercolor, the artist depicts an autumn glow that is quiet and peaceful. It is elegant in its simplicity.



3rd Place 

Title: Reflection
Helen Jones 

 26 x 20 inches

Juror Comments: It is an interesting painting. It speaks of autumn with cool colors – perhaps a hint of cooler weather to come. The intensity of blue and violet surrounding the images of leaves floating on the water makes the leaves prominent. Cool and warm color also enhances that effect and leads the eye to the focus area. The linear reflections of a tree move you vertically. The ripple effect guides the eye to the leaves and around the painting—great gentle movement through this composition.



Honorable Mention

Title: Abstract 1
David Broad 

 20 x 16 inches

 Juror Comments: The variety of shapes in “Abstract 1” are interesting and well placed. Light touches of green balance well with the other strong secondary colors. There is an abundance of texture with the necessary, quiet orange shapes to keep the composition working.



Honorable Mention

Title: Autumn’s Soft Warm Light
Michael Friedland 

 16 x 20 inches

 Juror Comments: A very easy, simple composition completes the mood. Without too much fuss, the artist has made a statement of gentleness on a hillside. It is a nice application of watercolor with a skillful wash in the 'sky' area. Other watercolor techniques add to the warm autumn feeling.



Honorable Mention

Title: Golden Field
Kathleen Stumpfel 

22 x 29 inches

 Juror Comments:  This painting says much without a lot of frills. The calm, country scene is composed with a variety of basic abstract shapes. It makes its statement and moves us through the painting connecting the shapes with over-lapping. Interestingly, the artist guides us into the landscape with a vignette on the left side of the work but anchoring the other three sides.



Honorable Mention

Title: Three for the Money
Maggie Metcalf 

 19 x 34 inches

Juror Comments: Mainly a hard-edged painting, one wonders what the 3 three figures are looking at. The title hints at it. Each one has a quizzical expression on their faces. The colors and shapes are interesting. This is a nice change of subject matter and offers the viewer something to think about.


East Fifth
Ronald Bean
East Fifth, 10 x 14

Fever Dreams
Teresa Beyer
Fever Dreams, 12 x 12

Music Concourse G.G. Park
Andy Forrest
Music Concourse G.G. Park, 11 x 14

Golden Gate Heights Vista
Andy Forrest
Golden Gate Heights Vista, 11 x 14

october sweater weather
Michael Friedland, CWA
october sweater weather, 12 x 12

Flow of the Little Colorado
Juanita Hagberg
Flow of the Little Colorado, 19 x 25

Pumpkin Field Scarecrow
John Hopper
Pumpkin Field Scarecrow, 22 x 17

Lake Flour Mill Montana
John Hopper
Lake Flour Mill Montana, 17 x 22

Dixie Fire 2021
Carol Irwin
Dixie Fire 2021, 19 x 25

4.99 a bunch
Glen Jarvis
4.99 a bunch , 16 x 12

The lee side
Glen Jarvis
The lee side, 16 x 12

The Whisper of Wind
Lei Jin
The Whisper of Wind, 12 x 16

Aquatic Park Berkeley
Lei Jin
Aquatic Park Berkeley, 12 x 16

Sand Hill Serenity
Susan Jochheim
Sand Hill Serenity, 15 x 22

Silver Creek Solitude 2
Sue Johnston, MCWA
Silver Creek Solitude 2, 11 x 15

Autumn Reflection
Helen Jones
Autumn Reflection, 14 x 20

Jenny Kennedy
Falluscious, 12 x 16

Sunset Ripple Effects
Shirley Kleppe
Sunset Ripple Effects, 11 x 16

Tomales Bay Edge
Eileen Libby
Tomales Bay Edge, 14 x 20

Fall Colors
Lisbeth MacDonald
Fall Colors, 14 x 16

Rocks at Point Lobos
Carolyn McGovern
Rocks at Point Lobos, 11 x 17

Autumn in New York
Kate Peper
Autumn in New York, 15 x 11

Cold Spring Canyon Montecito CA
Don Pirch
Cold Spring Canyon Montecito CA, 18 x 24

Sedona Arizona
Loretta Schrantz
Sedona Arizona, 11 x 14

Pigeon Point Lighthouse
Martha Slavin
Pigeon Point Lighthouse, 15 x 11

Trip Dreaming
Martha Slavin
Trip Dreaming, 15 x 11

Wildcat Creek Trail
Jane Sneed
Wildcat Creek Trail, 12 x 15

Crimson Crush
Christine Stavem
Crimson Crush, 16 x 12

Early Autumn
Kathleen stumpfel
Early Autumn, 10 x 14

Rest Stop
Mary Tichenor
Rest Stop, 14 x 10

Magical Sunset
Mary Tichenor
Magical Sunset, 13 x 21

Leaf Litter
Joseph Tringali
Leaf Litter, 13 x 20

Short Days
Joseph Tringali
Short Days, 9 x 13

The Opposite of What You Think
Rae Ann Williams
The Opposite of What You Think, 15 x 11

Rae Ann Williams
Jameson, 15 x 11