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2024 Smaller Paintings Awards

Smaller Paintings

California Watercolor Association Member Show
Main Street Arts, Martinez

January 4 to February 24, 2024


To purchase a painting, please email us at, or if you’re in person, let the gallery staff know.


First, the winners:

1st Place

Georganne Zaro
Day at the Beach, 14 x 10

2nd Place

Barbara Lind
Daisies, 10 x 14

3rd Place

John Giannotti
Dreamscape, 8 x 20

Honorable Mention

Sujit Sudhi
Heritage, 9 x 13

Honorable Mention

Susan Routledge
Coastal Cypress 2, 8 x 12

Honorable Mention

Marion Leggett
Columbine, 14 x 11

Honorable Mention

Rebecca Alarcon
Good Night Mt. Tam, 9 x 6



Blake Gardens Kensington
Alexandra Connor
Blake Gardens Kensington, 10 x 14

January chill
Judith Cunningham
January chill, 7 x 9

Fire Break
Jessica de Jesus
Fire Break, 17 x 13

Happy Cactus
Jessica de Jesus
Happy Cactus, 15 x 12

Altar Rock at Blind Beach Sonoma Coast
Andrew J Dodd
Altar Rock at Blind Beach Sonoma Coast, 6 x 10

Bodega Dunes Reverie
Andrew J Dodd
Bodega Dunes Reverie, 6 x 8

TIffany Ferreri
Succulents , 12 x 16

old niles vintage
Dmitry Grudsky, CWA
old niles vintage, 8 x 8

Synergy IV
Juanita Hagberg
Synergy IV, 11 x 14

Where the Otters Play
Sharon Hind-Smith
Where the Otters Play, 12 x 16

Glen Jarvis, CWA
Palms, 8 x 8

Pebble Beach
Jana Lowe
Pebble Beach, 8 x 10

St George Statue
Craig Moline, CWA
St George Statue, 9 x 11

Sonoma Fields
Craig Moline, CWA
Sonoma Fields, 9 x 11

Misty Morning Catch
Jaladhi Pujara
Misty Morning Catch, 9 x 12

Moored Memories
Jaladhi Pujara
Moored Memories, 9 x 12
Home Grown
Judy Rowe
Home Grown, 14 x 11

Secret Oak
Heidi Schmidt
Secret Oak, 10 x 8

Lake Anza Youth
Jane Sneed
Lake Anza Youth, 10 x 8

Up Little Lake Street
Bernie Stein
Up Little Lake Street, 8 x 14

Kathleen Stumpfel
cottage, 14 x 10

Night Mist
Kathleen Stumpfel
Night Mist, 14 x 10

Pohono Bridge
Joseph Tringali, CWA
Pohono Bridge, 13 x 9

The Last of the Berries
Rae Ann Williams
The Last of the Berries, 19 x 8

Break of Dawn
Georganne Zaro , MCWA
Break of Dawn, 12 x 12