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2023 So Serene Awards

So Serene

California Watercolor Association Member Show
John Muir Health, Auxiliary Gallery at Aspen Center, Walnut Creek

July 16 to August 18, 2023


To purchase a painting, please email us at, or if you’re in person, let the gallery staff know.


First, the winners:

Glacier Carved

1st Place

Lucinda Johnson
Glacier Carved, 10 x 14

Free Lunch

2nd Place

Kristi Warren
Free Lunch, 19 x 15


3rd Place

Marion Leggett
Olive, 13 x 10

Dusk on the Lagoon

Honorable Mention

Phyllis J Behar
Dusk on the Lagoon, 13 x 20

Open Wide My Heart to Blue

Honorable Mention

Beth Brampton
Open Wide My Heart to Blue, 14 x 20

Lake Temescal

Honorable Mention

Bernie Stein
Lake Temescal, 15 x 11

Harvest Time VI

Honorable Mention

Rae Ann Williams
Harvest Time VI, 11 x 15



Ceil Bettner
Mermaids , 12 x 16

The Boy and the Boat
Carol Blanton
The Boy and the Boat, 16 x 12

Late Summer Melting
Beth Brampton
Late Summer Melting, 16 x 22

Early Summer at Malibu Creek
Olivia Dornsife
Early Summer at Malibu Creek, 11 x 14

Mount Tam and San Francisco Bay in Summer
Bro Halff
Mount Tam and San Francisco Bay in Summer, 12 x 16

North Beach Wave
Ayris Hatton
North Beach Wave, 21 x 29

Diablo Foothills
Barbara Hutchins
Diablo Foothills, 12 x 16

Purple Rain
Carol Irwin
Purple Rain, 14 x 21

Circular Logic 2
Elizabeth Johnston
Circular Logic 2, 12 x 16

White Dreams
Fateme Aya Kian
White Dreams, 22 x 30

Flying to Light
Fateme Aya Kian
Flying to Light, 28 x 21

Loreta Landucci
Medley, 16 x 20

Pink Water Lily
Marion Leggett
Pink Water Lily, 13 x 10

Winter Cabbage
Sue Matthews, CWA
Winter Cabbage, 16 x 12

Mary McGlone
Flight, 11 x 15

Ghost Ranch
Mary McGlone
Ghost Ranch, 11 x 15

Calms My Soul
Elizabeth Mihalka
Calms My Soul, 10 x 14

Love of 67 Years
Lily Nan
Love of 67 Years, 21 x 15

Dockside stroll
Anita OBrien
Dockside stroll, 12 x 16

Quiet Morning
Kristen Olson
Quiet Morning, 16 x 12

Girls in the Hood
Judy Rowe
Girls in the Hood, 14 x 11

Mesmerized By My Laundry
Dale Rutz
Mesmerized By My Laundry, 12 x 16

Diablo in Snow
Heidi Schmidt
Diablo in Snow, 11 x 18

Storm Over Diablo Range
Heidi Schmidt
Storm Over Diablo Range, 12 x 12

Stinson Beach
Bernie Stein
Stinson Beach, 12 x 16

Kathleen Stumpfel
Cruising, 16 x 12

Steps Across the Meadow
Kathleen Stumpfel
Steps Across the Meadow, 16 x 20

California Ocean and Sky
Kirsten Theurer
California Ocean and Sky, 11 x 15

Nook Geraniums
Kirsten Theurer
Nook Geraniums, 15 x 11

Banana Ladies
Kristi Warren
Banana Ladies, 36 x 24

Seriously Orchids
Rae Ann Williams
Seriously Orchids, 11 x 15