Post Office Box 4631
Walnut Creek, CA 94596  USA

52nd National Exhibition

2021 National Exhibition - Accepted Paintings

  Kate Aubrey

James Austin
Totoro en Provence

Mary Axelson
Peony Exuberance

Gloria Baker
Free 2

Marnie Becker
Rain on the Boulevard St. Germaine

Cara Brown
Roma  Map of Rome

Kit Cameron
With two sheep

Peter Carey

Ginger Chen

Lei Chi
Pure Delight

Linda Cloonan
Lavendaria De Gaudi

Bobbie Coven
Water Music

Linda Curtis
Buckets of Red

Elaine Daily-Birnbaum
What Goes Around Comes Around

Son Do
Port Lligat afternoon

Jackie Dorsey
Pumpkin Spice

Kathleen Durdin

Linda Erfle
Zoey Jessica

Mark Farina
Lovers Point Pacific Grove

Karen Frey
Sign of the Times

Michael Friedland
over that hill there lies...

Qian Gao
The old train station

Marina Goldberg
Morning Rays

Douglas Greer
Summer Velvet

Xi Guo
Silver Falls

Randy Hale
Three Sisters

Bro Halff
San Francisco Bay and Coit Tower

Helen Hayes
Make The Connection

Michael Holter

William Hook
Waterfront Series Salt Dock

Bruce K. Hopkins
Dark Sky Marin Coast Storm

Jeff Ishikawa
China Cove Rocks

Vaishaly Jaiprakash

John James
Orange Moon

Glen Jarvis
Dry Docks

Bev Jozwiak
Stand Tall

Uma Kelkar
Oof the sunshine

Lok Kerk Hwang
Tales of Wheel No 14

Shirley Kleppe
Zambezi Tapestry

Raffi Kondy
Misty Market Street

Karen Kramer
In the Hills of the Valley

Chris Krupinski
Catching the Light

Ed Labadie
Surf Frenzy

Loreta Landucci
The Sea

Tiangong Liu
Wedding in the Mission

Carolyn Lord
Callas and Stucco

Stacy Lund Levy
Treading Tribe

Rolf Lygren
View to the Bay

Heather Martin
Sunflower Wilt

Sue Matthews
Sheltering in Place

Eileen Mccullough
Surfers at Main Beach

Robert McIntyre
Just myself

Samantha McNally
Spring Blooms

Ruth Miller
Flower Girl

Woon Lam Ng
Evening Market

R. Mike Nichols
The Supervisors

Jean Pederson

Kate Peper
Can You See What I Am

Patti Pierce

Maria Porter

Robin Purcell
Spring Song of Malibu

Sharon Rawlins
The House Next Door

Michael Reardon

Merv Richardson
The Path

Charles Rouse

Susan Routledge
grey day

Judy Rowe
Move over its bath time

Tom Sallak

John Salminen
Morning in Shanghai

Joseph Santos
Green Ford Truck

Thomas W. Schaller
Images of Ideas

Lynn Slade

Allison Spreadborough
Off Heeser Street Mendocino

Jiangang Sun
Homes twentyFive

Brenda Swenson
Pigments Of My Imagination

Phyllis Tseng
Chasing light

Salvador Valencia

Steve Walters
Flying Squirrel 2

Margaret Washington
Field Trip

Peggy Weiner

Eric Wiegardt
Moment of Brilliance

Leslie Wilson
Boy on the Beach

Voon Wong
When I Grow Up...

Shaohong Yao
Lemon tree

Georganne Zaro-Eddy
Solo return reflections