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2024 California Places and People Awards

California Places and People

California Watercolor Association Member Show
Village Theatre and Art Gallery, Danville

April 14 to June 21, 2024


To purchase a painting, please email us at, or if you’re in person, let the gallery staff know.


First, the winners:

1st Place

John Giannotti
Golden Arches, 11 x 15

2nd Place

Joseph Tringali
California Flyway, 16 x 12

3rd Place

Rita Sklar
Dogpatch Saloon, 15 x 22

Honorable Mention

Jessica de Jesus
Setting Fast, 14 x 18

Honorable Mention

Thomas Lavin
Bus Stop, 11 x 15

Honorable Mention

Patricia Pierce
Beach Romp, 12 x 16

Honorable Mention

Judy Rowe
Repairing the Street, 14 x 11


Sea of Orange
Rebecca Alarcon
Sea of Orange, 10 x 14

The keeper at Cabrillo light house
Grace Castro
The keeper at Cabrillo light house, 14 x 11

Studio View
Suma CM
Studio View, 11 x 14

Neptune Encantada
TIffany Ferreri
Neptune Encantada , 14 x 10

The Green Wave
John Giannotti
The Green Wave, 11 x 15

As The Fog Rolls In
Glenyse Henschel
As The Fog Rolls In, 14 x 21

Glance Back
Vivian Hsu
Glance Back, 14 x 10

Fall for California
Carol Husslein, CWA
Fall for California, 11 x 15

Sierra Dreamscape
Carol Husslein, CWA
Sierra Dreamscape, 11 x 15

Where Land Meets Sea
Jeff Ishikawa, CWA
Where Land Meets Sea, 14 x 11

Glen Jarvis, CWA
Anna, 16 x 12

Blake Gardens
Glen Jarvis, CWA
Blake Gardens, 12 x 26

Day out on Diablo
Sue Johnston, MCWA
Day out on Diablo, 11 x 15

Mount Diablo Snow
Zelda K
Mount Diablo Snow, 11 x 15

Flowers on my table
Zelda K
Flowers on my table, 11 x 15

High Country
Loreta Landucci
High Country, 14 x 18

Whiz Burgers
Thomas Lavin
Whiz Burgers, 14 x 16

The Pool Next Door
Marion Leggett
The Pool Next Door, 14 x 11

San Francisco Sunset
Marion Leggett
San Francisco Sunset, 11 x 14

A Peace Corner
Shirley Lim
A Peace Corner, 10 x 14

Lisbeth MacDonald
Meditation, 14 x 11

Napa Colors
Lisbeth MacDonald
Napa Colors, 11 x 15

Hometown History  Museum on Main Pleasanton
Meghana Mitragotri
Hometown History Museum on Main Pleasanton, 14 x 11

Looking for Rain
Craig Moline, CWA
Looking for Rain, 12 x 17

Cloudy Day at Colby Park Oakland
Jamie Morgan
Cloudy Day at Colby Park Oakland, 15 x 11

Serene Yosemite
Shalaka Mulherkar
Serene Yosemite , 15 x 11

Nature Shows The Way
Shalaka Mulherkar
Nature Shows The Way, 11 x 15

Old Chevy At Howe Homestead
Michael O’Rourke
Old Chevy At Howe Homestead , 14 x 10

Mission Bells
Patricia Pierce
Mission Bells, 14 x 10

Rustic Barn in Pittsburg
Jaladhi Pujara
Rustic Barn in Pittsburg, 10 x 14

Across The Bay  Carmel River Beach
Joe Ragey
Across The Bay Carmel River Beach, 11 x 14

Asilomar Sands
Joe Ragey
Asilomar Sands, 11 x 14

Judy Rowe
Grant, 14 x 11

Summer Storm Capay Valley
Heidi Schmidt
Summer Storm Capay Valley, 18 x 12

Wait for Me
Rita Sklar, CWA
Wait for Me, 15 x 22

Town Park Playground
Jane Sneed
Town Park Playground, 14 x 22

Main Street Mendocino
Bernie Stein
Main Street Mendocino, 10 x 14

California Shades
Kathleen Stumpfel
California Shades, 16 x 10

House on Pt Reyes
Kathleen Stumpfel
House on Pt Reyes, 11 x 14

Battery Point Lighthouse California
Sujit Sudhi
Battery Point Lighthouse California, 14 x 10

China Peak Mountain Resort
Rosemary Therkelsen
China Peak Mountain Resort, 13 x 21

Remington Loop Trail
Kirsten Theurer
Remington Loop Trail, 11 x 15

Sacramento Overflowing
Kirsten Theurer
Sacramento Overflowing, 11 x 15

Old Growth
Joseph Tringali, CWA
Old Growth, 11 x 15

Heritage Park Stable
Lorraine Wells
Heritage Park Stable, 11 x 15

Leaving Cottswalds
Wayne White
Leaving Cottswalds, 11 x 15

Neighbors House
Hong Zeng
Neighbors House, 18 x 12