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2023 Color - Subtle or Wild Awards

Color - Subtle or Wild

California Watercolor Association Member Show
The City of San Ramon, City Hall Gallery

November 1 to December 22, 2023


To purchase a painting, please email us at, or if you’re in person, let the gallery staff know.


First, the winners:

Soccer Star

1st Place

Sheila Cain, CWA
Soccer Star, 21 x 13

Maison Sauvage Paris

2nd Place

Carol Husslein, CWA
Maison Sauvage Paris, 15 x 15

Stone House with Flowers

3rd Place

Kathleen Stumpfel
Stone House with Flowers, 14 x 18


Honorable Mention

Michael Friedland, CWA
foggydrizzlybaymonday, 10 x 14

Ready To Eat

Honorable Mention

Glenyse Henschel
Ready To Eat, 11 x 14

Out West

Honorable Mention

Jeff Ishikawa, CWA
Out West, 12 x 16

Lake Anza

Honorable Mention

Bernie Stein
Lake Anza, 10 x 14



Light Show

Jessica De Jesus

Light Show, 12 x 16

Desert Escape

Chih Chun Eroles

Desert Escape, 22 x 30


Margaret Fago, CWA

Azaleas, 12 x 16

Calm Day at Diamond Head

Bro Halff

Calm Day at Diamond Head, 12 x 16


Carol Husslein, CWA

Promontory, 11 x 14

Monterey pier

Glen Jarvis, CWA

Monterey pier, 16 x 12

Running Woman

Elizabeth Johnston

Running Woman, 16 x 12

New Beginning

Rekha Joshi

New Beginning, 18 x 12

Cabbage Flower

Molley Klier

Cabbage Flower, 24 x 18

High Country Colors

Loreta Landucci

High Country Colors, 16 x 20

A Touch of Blue

Loreta Landucci

A Touch of Blue, 20 x 16

Dear Rio

Marion Leggett

Dear Rio, 14 x 11

Maui Garden

Sue Matthews, CWA

Maui Garden, 16 x 12

Aoutumn Worship

Marilyn Miller, MCWA

Aoutumn Worship, 15 x 22

Lovelocks 3

Marilyn Miller, MCWA

Lovelocks 3, 22 x 15


Craig Moline

lassen, 16 x 13

Mountain Vistas

Craig Moline

Mountain Vistas, 16 x 12

House with a Porch Oakland

Jamie Morgan

House with a Porch Oakland, 11 x 15

Fall Lake

Hung Nguyen

Fall Lake, 11 x 15

Study in Yellow

Ann Nunziata

Study in Yellow, 14 x 11

Advice Before the Race

Linda Nystrom

Advice Before the Race, 14 x 20


Roderic Osgood

Opa, 16 x 12

Morning Shadows

Patricia Pierce

Morning Shadows, 12 x 16

Punk Chicks

Edward Reus

Punk Chicks, 15 x 15

Bilger Quarry Rockridge

Judy Rowe

Bilger Quarry Rockridge, 11 x 14

She Was

Tony Segale

She Was, 15 x 11

Big Sky Over the Bay

Jane Sneed

Big Sky Over the Bay, 14 x 18


Kathleen Stumpfel

Mike, 18 x 14

Mountain Mist

Kirsten Theurer

Mountain Mist, 15 x 22

Foggy Carmel Beach

Lorraine Wells

Foggy Carmel Beach, 13 x 17

The Old Truck II

Rae Ann Williams

The Old Truck II, 11 x 15


Amrita Yasin

Seashells, 18 x 11

Georganne Zaro, CWA
Lagoon, 19 x 26