50th National Exhibition

Dear Artists,

CWA is pleased to announce the acceptances to our 50th National Exhibition.

If your name appears below, we offer you our congratulations!  In a few days you will receive your acceptance documents electronically.  They will include all the necessary information.

If your name does not appear, we regret that your work was not chosen.  Our juror, John Salminen, had no easy task selecting 85 paintings from more than 600 entries.  The submitted work was exceptional.

We appreciate the support and interest from such a wide range of talented artists, both from across the United States and abroad.  We thank you for entering and hope you will again in the future.

Ruth Miller and Iretta Hunter

National Exhibition Directors

Accepted Paintings  

First Name  Last Name Title
Craig Anderson Executive Lunch
Denise Athanas Scrying
Sally Baker A Conversation
Sean Barrett Diagnosis
Stephen Berry Pillars of Shadow and Light
Cindy Brabec-King Sweet Tea and Strawberry Shortcake
Cara Brown Home
Kathy Byrne Pots and Pans
Angela Chang Cut and Paste VII
Leslie Cheney-Parr Vienne Rhone Curve
Lei Chi Saturday Afternoon
Lee Chin Chian I can fly seeing in the sky
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum Passages
Robert Davidson Ode to Shooting Stars
Don Devine Laundromat
Patricia Dispenziere Cuban Harbor
Toni Elkins Divide  Conquer 2
Linda Erfle Sonoma Plein Air
Anne Fallin Agave Display
JoAnn Formia Cocina Italiano
Andy Forrest Tea Garden S.F.
Detra Francis Morning After
Karen Frey Passing Through Tracy
Qian Gao Side street walking
Carol Gaskins Tangled
Laurie Goldstein-Warren Girls Night Out
Douglas Greer Young Bobcat
Janet Groza Vase Maker
Xi Guo Tangle No.3
Susan Hewitt Emergency Max
Alex Hillkurtz Cafe du Metro
Michael Holter Tahoe Pines
William Hook Scary Stuff 2
Xiao Xing Hu Noonday Sun
Carol Hubbard serendipity
Sandra Humphries Village in the Bosque
Jeff Ishikawa End of the Line
John James Little Black Dress
Sue Johnston Played Out
Lok Kerk Hwang Wheels No 16
Jai Kim Lunch Break
Raffi Kondy Petaluma Dairymans Feed Plein Air
Jo Kopp Dare Me
Tia Kratter Mes Campagnons
Lynne Kroll Autumnal Rhapsody
Chris Krupinski Its a Friday Night
Bharati Kshirsagar Dark Alley
Melanie Lacki In The Green
Dongfeng Li A Touch of Misty of Tibetan Plateau
Jinyou Lian A nondrowning boat
Geoffrey McCormack Blue Sky at Night
Eileen McCullough Surf Classic
Maggie Metcalf Neighborhood Watch
Marilyn Miller Mendo Mood
Ruth Miller Day Trippers
Craig Moline pemaquid pt. lighthouse
Joye Moon Jardin Food Cart
Pat Moseuk Dreaming In My Tree Fort
Joan Muggleton Brushfire
Woon Lam Ng Endless Summer at Ghent
R. Mike Nichols Watching TV
Corky Normart Foothill Farm
Debbie Parmley Helado de Granada
Nancy Partovi City Patterns
Charlotte Peterson Fuchsia Fascination
Nalanda Ravindrudu Dorothy
Ronnie Rector Summer Rein
Charles Rouse Amalfi Hideaway
Joseph Santos Yellow Chevrolet
David Savellano Good Morning Alameda
Thomas W. Schaller Footbridge  China 
Arena Shawn Radiance
Carol Staub Celestial Expression
Lorna Strotz Breakfast at the Hotel
Brenda Swenson Kettles  Cups
Barbara Tapp Pink House Stands Alone Berkeley
Kirsten Theurer Vaquero
Jeannie Vodden Soft Eyelet
Myrna Wacknov Enigma
Ann Walker Steppin Out in Chelsea
Margaret Washington Boston Public Library
Jiang Xuqing Jump
Barbara Yoerg Unknown New Beginnings
Camille Young Cane and Cable

If your name is on this list, click here for your acceptance documents. 

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