51st National Exhibition

We are happy to announce the list of accepted paintings. 

Congratulations! If your name is on this list, your painting has been accepted for the California Watercolor Association’s 51st National Exhibition. Frank Webb has selected the paintings which will be exhibited on our new CWA online gallery this year Because of the pandemic, we are not able to hang the work in the gallery. There were 650 paintings submitted and 97 accepted. 

First Name  Last Name Title
Patricia Abraham Autumn Moonrise 
Craig Anderson The Guitar Man
Mary Axelson Glass Confetti III
Rolando Barrero Noyo Harbor Mendocino
RONALD BEAN Sonoma Coast
Robin Becic Closed for the Season
Marnie Becker Thai Women
Arlynn Bloom Im Listening
Kathie Boissiere Je taime
Beth Bourland November Pomegranates
Sheila Cain After School
Keming Chen Blacksmith 2
Ginger Chen john walz
Lei Chi Burano
Linda Cloonan The Three Graces
Valerie Cohen Escarpment
Kathy Collins Behind the Dazzle
Kathleen Conover Peace Offering Searching
Yuxin Cui Desk series 1
Linda L. Curtis Abstraction 20
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum Dream Fragments
Robert Davidson Cool as a Columbine
Sandy Delehanty Calm Waters
Son Do Daily chore
Kathy Durdin Memories of Home
Herbert Estes Martinez Cove
Margaret Fago Lees Produce
Guoping Fan Back At The Dock 
Patrick Fanning Freestone Dairy
Patricia Flynn Natural Elements
Andy Forrest 42nd  Ulloa S.F.
Marina Goldberg Before the Prayer
Carlo Grunfeld Yosemite in Autumn
Randy Hale Ranch Patterns
Helen Hayes Information Overload
Wenqing He Kitchen in an artists studio
Kelly Hildner Orange Daylily
Ruth Ellen Hoag West Village
Michael Holter Cliff Notes
William Hook Night Crossing
John Hopper Renoir Enduring Arthritis
Iretta Hunter February Rose
Carol Husslein Rooftops and Chimney Pots
Jeff Ishikawa Secrets
Glen Jarvis Abbotts Lagoon
Rekha Joshi Flow
Bev Jozwiak Whistlers Daughter
Susan Keith Crabapple Reds
Shirley R. Kleppe Backstreet of Portofino
Jo Kopp Goddess of Fertility
Chris Krupinski Pears Cherries and Stripes
Allen Lavee Jhe 1
JORGE LEON Springtime Halcyon
Dongfeng Li Touch of Light Snow
Bing Liu With dream to travel
Carolyn Lord Tuesday at the Headlands
Stacy Lund Levy Afternoon In Miami
Lisbeth MacDonald Foggy Rainy San Francisco
Maura Madden Donovan The Smoker
Heather Martin Tomatoes and Basil
Atanas Matsoureff Going Home
Ruth Miller Museum Shadows
Woon Lam Ng Kampong Glam Impression 2020
Corky Normart Milburn Sunset
Debbie Parmley London Monday
Linda Pickwick Petals and Porcelain
Joel Popadics Oia Overlooking the Caldera
Maria Porter Shepherding
Trish Poupard Huntington Cactus
Michael Reardon Issisa
Ronnie Rector Notre Dame II  St. Genevieve
John Salminen Bethesda Arcade II
Thomas W. Schaller Back Street Venice
Wenling  Shi Birds Of Paradise 
Mark Smith Ketchikan
Vita Sorrentino Forest Remains 2
Margaret Stermer-Cox Three Minute Egg 14  Blue Espresso Cup
Yan Sun Companion
Wu Ting In the Corner
Joseph Tringali Friends
Phyllis Tseng In the distance
Salvador Valencia Crockett Neighborhood
Liz Walker On Solid Ground 3
Ann Walker Old Havana at Dusk
Marilyn Walsh 2020
Margaret Washington Dreaming en Plein Air
Marilyn Wear Yosemite Splendor
Cristine Weatherby 3 Little Boats Ireland
Lorraine Wells Rocks
Leslie Wilson Rush Ranch 3
Kerry Woodward The Old Hay Rake
Jianzhong Wu Forward Sail
Yuemeng Wu A Quiet Song In A Dream
Fan Wu Teacher Lin 
YaoShi Zhang Song Of Fishing In The Spring 
Yueqi Zhang Homecoming
Lin Zhu Art Teachers Magic Box