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Workshops - Jeannie Vodden

Jeannie Vodden

Jeannie Vodden - Translucent Watercolor Portraits, March 15-18, 2017 - 4 Days, All Levels

Living in the foothills of the Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains, Jeannie Vodden dedicates her time to expressing her love and passion for art in painting, drawing, teaching and the continuing study of both art and philosophy. She is a versatile painter of portraits, still life, floral, landscape and fantasy, most often with watercolor. “My desire is to bring to my work, the imagination and curiosity which is so often found in children… And to combine that sense of wonder with an experienced artist’s hand.”

Her approach to her work is reflected in the following quotes: “I love painting the complex textures, forms and patterns found in nature. And when I add beautiful, natural light it changes the whole look and feel of each surface and pattern, overlaying complexity and changing form. I love using pure staining transparent hues. I start with only three colors, and then sometimes broaden out my choices to 6 or 8, very seldom using more. My method is to use a glazing process, in which I apply layer upon layer, changing color and letting it mix on the paper.”

Known for her patient teaching methods, Jeannie will demonstrate her rhythmic wet-on-dry approach to watercolor using transparent staining color in portraits. Students should bring their own photo references for class.  Choose to work from a personal photo or magazine or online photos.  Jeannie will break down her process of portrait painting into small lessons so that each student can take in and practice at their own level. The workshop will include watercolor demonstrations, plenty of painting time, individual attention and gentle critiques. In addition, students will gain skill in basic watercolor techniques, the use of a limited palette, how to heighten color, and how to see and paint light.

If you've always admired and wanted to try watercolor portraits, this is the class for you!

For some painting tips and demos, along with images of her work, visit Jeannie's website:  Her facebook page is Jeannie Vodden's Art Studio:

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Workshop location:  East of San Francisco, on the Walnut Creek/Concord border, at Cal State East Bay. Details.

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