Workshops - Thomas Schaller 2021 Online Workshop II

 Thomas Schaller, AWS NWS TWSA - The Architecture of Light
February 4-6, 2021 - 3 Days, Advanced Beginner to Advanced

Thomas Schaller sees watercolor as a natural extension of the act of drawing. Except that in watercolor, we "draw" not with a line, but with shapes: shapes of value, of tone and color, and of light. So, as we paint, we literally carve away at that total amount of light shining from the pure white of the paper. And so, if we can begin to see ourselves as "painting with light," with its structures and its forms, rather than with the structure and forms of our subject matter, we can begin to fundamentally change how we see and feel about the world around us.

As an architect, Thomas Schaller is naturally drawn to the man-made objects that populate our landscapes and cities. But he has long understood that it is the ever-changing nature of light, the shifting shades and shadows, that give those objects their life and meaning. He has also long acknowledged that it is the two-dimensional drawn and painted images of these buildings and urban landscapes that is his real passion. Moreover, he is inspired by what he likes to think of as the dialog between the "architecture of man" and the "architecture of nature." One could not exist without the other, and it is in this tension that he finds the artistic questions that he likes his paintings to address.

Thomas W. Schaller is an award-winning artist, architect, author, and instructor based in Los Angeles, California. He has authored three books, Architecture in Watercolor; The Art of Architectural Drawing; and Thomas W Schaller, Architect of Light: Watercolor Paintings by a Master by Northlight Books. Artist Network has produced two series of instructional DVDs of his technique.

His work has been featured in watercolor masters' exhibitions in over 20 countries and is in private and public collections around the world including The Johhan Museum of Art, Shanghai: The Watermark Museum, Fabriano: The Tchoban Foundation, Berlin: The National Museum of Watercolor, Mexico City: The Pacific Arts Foundation, Newport Beach.

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This workshop takes place on:

Thursday, February 4, 2021 - Saturday, February 6, 2021
15 places available.
9:00 AM-4:00 PM

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